App Review: AppUpdateNotifier

One of the things I have to admit that I tend to be a bit lazy about is updating my Apps when there is an Update ready. I came across this post by Apple iPhone School. Its true that the App Store notifies us with that typically unnoticeable number in a red circle on the App to be Updated as well as the number of updates available within the Portland Or app developer reviews App Store UpdatesApp Store Icon.

This nifty little AppUpdateNotifier send you push notifications that lets you know which Apps have updates. This is an application that should have originally came with the App Store. This application sends you a push notification every time one of your installed apps has an update. You can configure the app under your Settings app to check hourly, daily, weekly or monthly for new updates. There’s also an ignore list so you can disable notifications for certain application updates. I use the ignore list for Apple apps that recently updated for iOS 5.1 that I do not want to update because I’m still on 5.0.1. This application is $1.49 in the Cydia Store.